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    Online seminar on "China-Africa Pharmaceutical Cooperation under the Epidemic” was successfully held!

    Online seminar on "China-Africa Pharmaceutical Cooperation under the Epidemic” was successfully held!

    On the evening of April 29, the online seminar on "China-Africa Pharmaceutical Cooperation under the Epidemic” organized by CCCMHPIE PHARNEX was successfully held. The meeting invited Vice President of CCCMHPIE Tan Shengcai to deliver a speech, and invited many guests from Africa-business representative enterprises and institutions to communicate.

    6080yy电影在线看The general manager of our company Pang Jie was invited to attend this seminar. He said that Africa is one of our main markets, the order growth should have been higher.

    6080yy电影在线看But due to the epidemic situation, some orders have been suspended or temporarily stopped. In April, sales and transportation are normal, but the epidemic keeps spreading, which may have a greater impact on us. Nowadays, African countries closed their borders to each other.

    6080yy电影在线看It usually takes more than 45days for shipment by sea to Africa. So the post-judgment of the

     Situation afterwards is not very clear. Whether they will seal the country and close their borders

    And whether the clients can still pick up the goods after the ship arrive at the destination.

    These are all the issues we possibly face later.

    Meanwhile, the representatives from Jiangsu Champion, Sinosure, Nigeria UNICURE Pharmaceuticals, and China-Africa Development Fund Investment expressed their views. It was a heated discussion on the strategy and possible future opportunities, which were unanimously praised by more than 100 online participants.

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